Privacy Policy

eButterfly gathers and shares information about butterfly distribution and abundance across Canada and the United States among its community of users.

Submitted Information

Your personal information is voluntarily supplied by you when you register and submit data to eButterfly. By registering, you allow us to associate your butterfly records with a unique identifier (login name or your name) to enable you to track and download your records and build your unique virtual butterfly collection. If you submit unusual records, we may request more details through eButterfly’s record comment feature or by email, but your email address and contact information will not be sold or distributed outside of eButterfly. Profile Information allows us to improve the web site for eButterfly users in a more informed way.

Butterfly records are the most important pieces of information that we collect. All details of an observation and its associated location (species, numbers, etc.) are available to all users registered with eButterfly. However, only information pertaining to butterfly observations is available to eButterfly users; no personal contact information is ever made public.

Sensitive Records

eButterfly users are able to view and manage their personal records and view those of others, so please be aware that your records of sensitive species and their locations will be available to other eButterfly users unless appropriate steps are taken to ‘protect’ the data (see Help). This issue is significant in cases of rare and at-risk species.

Photo Copyright

Copyright for all photo vouchers submitted to eButterfly remain with the photographer and are covered by Canadian and US Copyright Laws. Please contact the individual user/photographer if you wish to use any photograph. If submitting or posting another photographer’s photos to eButterfly or elsewhere, you should have permission to do so. We will remove photographs if we are informed that appropriate permissions for their use on eButterfly have not been obtained or in case of disputes. eButterfly administrators are not able to manually check the validity of copyright for every posted photograph.

Injury Liability

As a butterfly observer or collector, you are fully responsible for your own safety and personal insurance in case of injury. eButterfly shall not be liable for damages or injuries you may incur while collecting and observing butterflies, whether personally or for the purpose of submission to the eButterfly database. Please exercise great caution and care in the field when collecting data, including maintaining awareness of your surroundings and of others who are in the field with you. Do not collect on private property without full and informed consent of landowners. Inclusion of children in butterfly and collection activities should involve full and appropriate supervision by responsible caregivers.

Butterfly Collecting, Observing / Code of Ethics

eButterfly recognizes that collecting butterfly specimens can be an important aspect of butterfly research and is sometimes necessary for scientific study and documentation. However, the collecting of specimens should always be done with appropriate care and precaution. Whether you collect as part of atlas activities, research, or to add to your personal collection, eButterfly recommends that collectors abide by the Lepidopterists’ Society Statement on Collecting.

Although there is currently no widely accepted code of ethics for butterfly watching, we recommend users ensure they adhere to the relevant principles of the Code of Birding Ethics developed and made available by the American Birding Association. Many of the principles of ethical butterfly and bird watching are the same. Please ensure you remain on crown/public/community lands or that you have permission to visit private or protected areas. Catching butterflies is forbidden in some areas, such as provincial, state, or national protected areas, possibly requiring you to obtain permits well in advance of travel. eButterfly cannot be held liable for costs incurred because of butterfly collection efforts under any circumstances.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We may occasionally update or amend our Privacy policy and procedure. We will post changes here.