Recommended Citations

For any use of eButterfly data, or for general reference to the project in peer-reviewed literature, use these citations below. In addition, we ask the following statement to please be included in the acknowledgement section of any peer reviewed publication: “We thank eButterfly and all of their affiliated citizen scientists for collecting, reporting and vetting butterfly observation data used in this publication.”

eButterfly Primary Reference:

Prudic, K. L., McFarland, K. P., Oliver, J. C., Hutchinson, R. A., Long, E. C., Kerr, J. T., & Larrivée, M. (2017). eButterfly: leveraging massive online citizen science for butterfly conservation. Insects8(2), 53.

eButterfly Visualizations

eButterfly bar charts, maps, graphs, tables, and other visualizations (but not butterfly images from users) may be reproduced in publications without further permission provided that the figure is attributed as follows:  Provided by eButterfly ( and created [date retrieved].

Use the following format to cite data retrieved from the eButterfly website:

eButterfly. 2020. eButterfly: An online database of butterfly distribution and abundance [web application]. Available: (Accessed: Date [e.g., September 23, 2020]).

Use the following format if citing data from an individual checklist:

McFarland, K.P. 2020. eButterfly Checklist: eButterfly: An online database of butterfly distribution and abundance [web application]. Available: (Accessed: Date [e.g., July 4, 2020]).

In the above example, “McFarland, K.P.” is the name of the observer, and should be replaced with the name of the observer in the checklist being cited.

Accessing raw data

In addition to the visualizations provided at eButterfly, we make all raw data available for free for noncommercial use. eButterfly data are stored in a secure facility and archived daily at the University of Ottawa. eButterfly data is shared with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) and updated daily. Visit the eButterfly Survey dataset and be sure to cite the DOI if you use it in any publications.

Example Citation:

Larrivée M, McFarland K, Zhang X, Prudic K, Solis R, Bunsen M, Kerr J (2021). eButterfly Surveys. Version 1.6. Vermont Center for Ecostudies. Sampling event dataset accessed via on DATE.