Help advance science and conservation of butterflies

From the rarest butterflies to the most common, your sightings contribute to conservation decisions, scientific knowledge, education, and more. Help us understand when and where butterflies occur. All you have to do is watch and report your butterfly sightings.

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Webinar Alert: Introducing the New e-Butterfly Mobile App

We are excited to introduce the e-Butterfly Mobile app, an innovative tool that enhances butterfly-watching with AI-assisted identification and easy data sharing. Join us for a webinar to learn more about the app and how to contribute to scientific research and conservation efforts by tracking and submitting your butterfly observations directly from your smartphone.

Southern Portugal butterfly destination

Join Peter Hall and his wife Judy on their fascinating journey through southern Portugal, where they explored the Algarve and Alentejo regions in search of rare and endemic butterflies and birds. From colorful wetlands to picturesque river valleys, this adventure full of natural discoveries will take you to some of the best butterfly-watching destinations in Europe. Don’t miss this exciting story on our community science blog dedicated to butterfly reporting and conservation!

Red Admirals Streaming Northward

Right now, hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of butterflies are arriving with spring in the temperate zones of North America. No, they’re not Monarchs. These are Red Admirals, and about every decade or so, there’s a massive migration northward from somewhere south. It’s one of the many great migrations that often go unnoticed.