Ayuda a promover la ciencia y la conservación de las mariposas

Desde las moscas más raras hasta las más comunes, tus miradas contribuyen a decisiones de conservación, conocimiento científico, educación y más. Ayúdanos a entender cuándo y dónde ocurren las mantequillas. Todo lo que tienes que hacer es observar e informar de las vistas de tu mantequilla.


Learn How to use eButterfly: Join an Upcoming Live Webinar or Watch One Recorded!

Every time butterfly watchers raise binoculars and cameras to record a butterfly sighting, they collect important data. Recording the number, date, and location of each and every butterfly, no matter how common or rare, may seem trivial, even repetitive— but this detailed information can be invaluable to science and conservation. Join one of our upcoming webinars and learn more about using eButterfly!

Climate Generalist Butterflies Expected to be Winners Under Climate Change in Canada

Forecasting species responses to climate change is integral to the development of adaptive and practical conservation decisions. Butterflies are climate-constrained in at least two ways, as ectotherms, the climate has a defining role in dictating where butterflies can live. Additionally, a warming climate may have huge impacts on their host plant availability. These constraints could mean certain butterfly species may have to move north, or up in elevation, to stay within their preferred temperature range. Predicting how butterflies might respond to such temperature and host plant shifts could inform decisions involving conservation prioritization, species management, and natural resource management.

New eButterfly Updates Just in Time for Spring

We’re excited to announce some great improvements and new tools for eButterfly that we just released, with even more on the way. Our team has worked hard all winter to improve how the communications center operates, adding additional languages, upgrading the checklist submission process, improving the user experience for viewing checklists, updates that increase the performance of eButterfly, and many minor bug fixes.