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From the rarest butterflies to the most common, your sightings contribute to conservation decisions, scientific knowledge, education, and more. Help us understand when and where butterflies occur. All you have to do is watch and report your butterfly sightings.

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Annual Monitoring Shows Sharp Decline in Monarch Overwintering Colonies in Mexico.

The Eastern migratory monarch butterfly is facing a serious threat: new reports reveal a significant population decline and a loss of habitat in the forests where they spend the winter each year. In just one year, the area occupied by monarch butterflies in their wintering habitat dropped 22%, from 7 acres to nearly 5.5 acres. […]

eButterfly: A Year in Review and a Look Ahead

As the year comes to a close, we at eButterfly are filled with gratitude for all that we have accomplished together in the past year. From tracking the movements of individual butterflies to compiling data on species distribution and abundance, our community of passionate butterfly enthusiasts has contributed invaluable insights to the world of butterfly research.

Glass in Flight Exhibit at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

Glass in Flight, the amazing new glass and steel sculpture exhibit of sparkling butterflies, dragonflies, bamboo, bees and beetles by Alex Heveri, has alighted at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum!