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Ayuda a promover la ciencia y la conservación de las mariposas

Desde las moscas más raras hasta las más comunes, tus miradas contribuyen a decisiones de conservación, conocimiento científico, educación y más. Ayúdanos a entender cuándo y dónde ocurren las mantequillas. Todo lo que tienes que hacer es observar e informar de las vistas de tu mantequilla.


New eButterfly Updates Just in Time for Spring

We’re excited to announce some great improvements and new tools for eButterfly that we just released, with even more on the way. Our team has worked hard all winter to improve how the communications center operates, adding additional languages, upgrading the checklist submission process, improving the user experience for viewing checklists, updates that increase the performance of eButterfly, and many minor bug fixes.

A Giant Leap for a Butterfly in Vermont and Beyond

In 2010 when the largest butterfly in North America fluttered among Ardys Fisher’s flowers at the end of July, she knew it was something neat. Now, our study published in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution this week shows an unusually rapid northward range shift by the Eastern Giant Swallowtail over the last two decades.

Dramatic Decline in Western Butterfly Populations Linked to Fall Warming

Western butterfly populations are declining at an estimated rate of 1.6% per year, according to a new report published this week in Science. The report looks at more than 450 butterfly species, including the western monarch, whose latest population count revealed a 99.9% decline since the 1980s.