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From the rarest butterflies to the most common, your sightings contribute to conservation decisions, scientific knowledge, education, and more. Help us understand when and where butterflies occur. All you have to do is watch and report your butterfly sightings.

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Glass in Flight Exhibit at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

Glass in Flight, the amazing new glass and steel sculpture exhibit of sparkling butterflies, dragonflies, bamboo, bees and beetles by Alex Heveri, has alighted at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum!

Rare Butterfly Eaten by Endangered Frog

While on a two-week holiday in Arizona starting in late October, I visited the Ramsey Canyon Nature Conservancy Reserve in the Huachuca Mountains. On a hike up the canyon creek, I came across a small pond covered with a pond weed. A rare and very local Chiricahua White (Neophasia terlootii) orange female (photo 1) landed on the pond weed to drink (strange in itself).

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