Recorded Webinar: Using Community Science Data to Monitor Butterflies

An educational panel on the importance of pollinators at Zion National Park, near the Park Pollinator Gardens. I proposed to establish these Pollinators Gardens in 2014, and I was very excited to see them realized in 2019 when I returned there to visit my friends and colleagues.

Butterfly walks are not only a relaxing activity, but also an invaluable source of data for science. Join Dr. Federico Riva as he discusses the importance of the checklists recorded in eButterfly for his work: (i) the use of butterfly checklists to understand population changes and inform conservation practices; (ii) the importance of “imperfect detection” – our inability to see all butterflies when we are looking for them – and how we can maximize the number of butterflies that we see at a site; (iii) his current work with eButterfly, that leverages thousands of observations from community scientists to help understand regions of conservation priority across North America.