New Butterfly Field Guide for Ontario

Butterflies of OntarioeButterfly is very proud to be a part of the very first field guide on the butterflies of Ontario. It highlights the diversity of life by featuring 167 species of butterflies known to occur in Ontario. The ROM Field Guide to Butterflies of Ontario includes descriptive species accounts, flight season phenograms, and striking field photography of adults and caterpillars.

The field guide is also a testament to the power and value of citizen science projects such as eButterfly and regional atlassing efforts as it also presents range maps based on hundreds of thousands of historical records including over 20 thousand records from the eButterfly database, and what we believe to be a first for a butterfly field guide: computer-modelled predictive species distributions. The predictive distribution models were developed by eButterfly’s Maxim Larrivée. eButterfly users can soon expect North-American range maps based on species distribution models using eButterfly data to be added to each species profile pages.

The Ontario field guide illuminates the complete life history of these butterflies. The field guide’s easy-to-access approach, comprehensive coverage, and beautiful design make it an essential guide for both amateur naturalists and professional lepidopterists. Renowned lepidopterists and authors Peter W. Hall and Colin D. Jones team up with the ROM’s Antonia Guidotti (co-author of Butterflies of Toronto) and Brad Hubley (co-author of Spiders of Toronto) for this in-depth, user-friendly field guide to Butterflies of Ontario.