Latest Updates Ready and Many More on the Way!



A new butterflying season brings not just flowers but also a fresh version of our platform. You might have already noticed some small changes around the site, like the new “Identifiers” statistic on the homepage. This feature highlights the many users who help identify observations – we’ve got a whopping 2,831 active identifiers now!

Remember, anyone can join in as an identifier by simply clicking the “Identify” tab in the main menu. And if you stumble upon a tricky species, no worries—we’ve added direct access to our Image Recognition algorithm, eButterflAI, right in the Identify section. It’s just a click away!

Speaking of eButterflAI, we’ve made some improvements there too. Now, the algorithm considers the image and the observation’s date and location, making it even more accurate. Plus, we’ve added species thumbnails to the eButterflAI suggestions and direct links to each species profile for more info.

We’ve also enhanced MyeButterfly. We’ve improved how user stats are calculated across the site so you can better track your lifelist. On your MyeButterfly dashboard, you’ll find two buttons controlling how your stats are counted. “Not Identified” lets you choose whether only verified observations count, while “All Taxonomic Levels” determines whether your stats include all taxonomic levels or just species level.


  Under the hood, we’ve made many improvements that result in faster loading times. These changes are the final step before the big reveal of 2024—our Mobile App! Our team’s already using it to submit checklists; you’ll soon be able to download it for iOS and Android. Stay tuned!

We’re excited to roll out these updates to enhance your eButterfly experience. From the new “Identifiers” statistics to improvements in eButterflAI and MyeButterfly, we’re committed to making your time on our platform more enjoyable and efficient. And with the upcoming release of our Mobile App, there’s even more to look forward to. Your feedback continues to drive our progress, so keep it coming. Reach us out via our help portal if you have any questions or suggestions.



Happy Butterflying!