Help advance science and conservation of butterflies

From the rarest butterflies to the most common, your sightings contribute to conservation decisions, scientific knowledge, education, and more. Help us understand when and where butterflies occur. All you have to do is watch and report your butterfly sightings.

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Parnassius iBook for our community

We are pleased to share a new iBook, “Wings that Make Waves”. Biological illustrator Kim Moss teamed up with Ecologist Dr. Diane Debinski and Ph.D. student Simone Durney to create this interactive book, which is focused on using butterflies as bioindicators. The authors wanted to make the story of their research more accessible to the general public, park visitors, and K-12 teachers. Read more about this project and where to download a free copy of this amazing book.

Panama: Morphos, metalmarks, mimics and more!

Peter Hall, scientific advisor for eButterfly, recently traveled to Panama. Read about his adventure and the amazing butterfly observations he shared with eButterfly. “We ended up staying in three very different facilities belonging to the Canopy Family – the Canopy Camp in the Darien jungle to the east, the Canopy Lodge in the cloud forests to the west and the Canopy Tower in the lowland Canal Zone in the centre. Our main targets were the immense diversity of butterflies and birds found in this small country. All the facilities also had expert local guides who knew where to go and how to identify this diversity. By the end of our visit, our butterfly checklist stood at 225 species and bird list at 232. And that’s not even to mention the twenty-plus mammal species and countless other smaller life forms.”

eButterfly 2021 Year in Review

With checklists from the tropics of Panama to the islands of Hawaii and as far north as Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories of Canada, 2021 was an amazing year for eButterfly. There’s no doubt that 2021 was once again a challenging year, leading more people to nature to find comfort, hope, and a sense of connection with others. Thank you for joining us!