Join Adventure Scientists to Help Us Survey Remote Regions

The vast majority of butterfly data is collected in close proximity to urban areas. With Adventure ScientistsUSA National Phenology Network, and University of Arizona, we are assembling a large-scale backcountry dataset that identifies butterfly abundance, diversity, and distribution as well as host plants across remote portions of their ranges. We currently have limited data to inform the status and health of pollinators in remote environments. Once baseline data has been collected on public lands, management plans can be established to protect threatened species and conserve habitats. If you like adventure and want to contribute to science, please join Adventure Scientists in helping us. 

How to Join Adventure Scientists

Volunteer teams of trail runners, backpackers, and mountain bikers survey pre-selected backcountry sites several times a year for butterflies and particular plants. We are accepting volunteer applications through July 1 to adopt sampling sites from July 1 – October 31 for the following locations:

  • Arizona, Sky Islands (Tucson)
  • California, Sierra Nevadas (Sacramento)
  • Montana, Gallatins (Bozeman)
  • Nevada, Great Basin (Reno)
  • Utah, Wasatch-Uinta, (Salt Lake City)
  • Washington, North Cascades (Seattle)