About eButterfly

  • Record the butterflies you see, photograph, and collect
  • Build a virtual collection of butterflies
  • Keep track of your butterfly lists (life, year, provinces)
  • Find butterflies you have never seen!
  • Explore dynamic maps
  • Share your sightings and join the e-Butterfly community
  • Contribute to science and conservation

Overview of eButterfly

Thousands of people across North-America observe, photograph and collect butterflies for fun and for science. eButterfly makes doing that easier and brings the lepidopterist community closer together. You can add your observations and photos (wild or specimen) using our intuitive data input system, with its many drop down lists of sites, species and dates. You can then prepare your own checklists, build dynamic distribution maps and a butterfly virtual photo library. eButterfly’s community database already contains hundreds of thousands of butterfly records ranging from 150 years ago to the present. Regional experts review records submitted and consult when necessary with users to make sure species identifications and locations are reasonable. You can choose to make your records publicly available or private if you have found a particularly sensitive species.

Scientists already use eButterfly data to understand how butterflies respond and adapt to environmental changes, including climate change and the effects of human land use. The mission includes both a scientific and practical dimension. The practical mission is to contribute to conservation of North-America’s biodiversity through engagement and advice to policymakers.