Recommended Citations

Data Used For Peer-reviewed Publications

Larrivee M, Prudic KL, McFarland KP and J Kerr 2018. eButterfly: a citizen-based butterfly database in the biological sciences.

In addition, we ask the following statement to please be included in the acknowledgement section of any peer reviewed publication: “We thank eButterfly and all of their affiliated citizen scientists for collecting, reporting and vetting butterfly observation data used in this publication.”

Graphs and Charts Used For Publications and Presentations

Bar charts, maps, graphs, tables, and other visualizations generated from eButterfly may be reproduced in publications and presentations without further permission if the figure is cited as “Image provided by eButterfly ( created on [Date]


eButterfly and its partners retain the copyright on all data provided to researchers/authors/users, unless the copyright has been legally transferred to a client. The eButterfly websites, the eButterfly concept and the eButteerfly logo are copyright by founders Maxim Larrivée, Jeremy Kerr, Kent McFarland and Katy Prudic.

Revocation of Privileges

Any researcher/author/user not abiding by this policy or the terms of the Data Request and Release Form and Publication Agreement may forfeit any future access to eButterfly data.