eButterfly Team

  • Maxim Larrivée, PhD
    Insectarium Montréal
    Founder & Director of eButterfly

    Maxim is head of research and collections at the Insectarium Montréal. His research explores how global change impacts the distribution of butterflies. He has strong interests in biodiversity information management and macroecology of insects.

  • Kathleen Prudic, PhD
    Founder & Director of eButterfly

    Katy’s research aims to discover how ecological interactions have shaped the form, function, and distribution of butterflies. She has strong interests in plant-insect interactions, community ecology, and explaining why butterflies, of all insects, have complex and diverse wing patterns.

  • Kent McFarland
    Vermont Center for Ecostudies
    Founder & Director of eButterfly

    Kent is a senior conservation biologist at the Vermont Center for Ecostudies in Norwich, Vermont. His research focuses on bird and butterfly ecology and conservation. He has wide-ranging experiences and interests with citizen science, communications and conservation photography.

  • Jeremy Kerr, PhD
    University of Ottawa
    Founder of eButterfly and Principal Investigator

    Jeremy is Professor of Biology at the University of Ottawa. His intellectual contributions and research support were instrumental to the original development of eButterfly, which is part of his Canada Global Change Transect (CGCT) project. He is Vice President (and President-elect) of the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution, holds the University Research Chair in Macroecology and Conservation, and is both a Science Leadership Fellow and inaugural fellow of the Global Young Academy.

  • Sambo Zhang
    Programmer of eButterfly

    Sambo is a computer scientist interested in bioinformatics, database creation and citizen science. He translates our eButterfly ideas and wants into reality. When not busy coding, he is practicing swinging a net.