Administrative Advisory Panel

Peter Hall, M.A. – Honourary Research Associate at the Canadian National Collection of Insects in Ottawa, co-author of Butterflies of Canada monograph

Doug Hyde, Ph.D. – Executive Director, NatureServe Canada

Jacques Larrivée –  Avian Database Developer and Manager at ÉPOQ

Patrick Lilley – Manager of the British Columbia Butterfly Atlas

John Klymko – Manager of the Maritime Butterfly Atlas

Alan Macnaughton – Manager of Toronto Entomological Association’s Butterfly Atlas

May Berenbaum, Ph.D. – Professor of Entomology at the University of Illinois

Thomas Lovejoy, Ph.D. – Heinz Center Biodiversity Chair

David Maddison, Ph.D. – Professor of Zoology at Oregon State University

Camille Parmesan, Ph.D. – Professor of Ecology & Evolution at University of Texas, Austin

Nick Haddad, Ph.D. – William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor at North Carolina State University

Nicolas Casajus, M.S. – Researcher at the Université Québec à Rimouski